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Delegate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to our team of offshore virtual ecommerce assistants so you can spend more time on what truly matters. Explore how we can support you from just AU$225 per week.

You launched your ecommerce brand with big dreams, but…

You're busy with daily operational tasks that leave little time for anything else.

Customer enquiries are piling up in your inbox.

And those strategic growth plans? They’re withering away under a mountain of to-dos.

If you’re stuck in the small stuff instead of scaling up — it's time to delegate!


We empower women and communities while raising the standards for offshore VA’s

By partnering with us, you’re not only getting incredible support, but you’re also creating ripples of goodness for people in the Philippines.

You don’t have to do everything alone. We’re here to support you.

Introducing your ecommerce sidekicks

At Outsourcing Crew, we recognise that your online store is more than just a sales platform. It's your way of building a better future for yourself and those you care about. Our virtual assistants are here to handle daily tasks and free you up to focus on the bigger picture. You might even be able to reclaim some well-deserved downtime too!

You don’t have to manage everything on your own. We’ve got you!

“Before working with Outsourcing Crew, I was swamped and needed help with pretty much everything. I had my doubts about outsourcing—how it would work or whether I’d have enough tasks to delegate. But since working with a virtual assistant, it’s been great. My stress and worries are gone, and I have more time to focus on other things like growing my business.”



Wave goodbye to administrative overload that contributes to long hours, burnout, or boredom.

Reclaim precious hours and channel them into activities that shape the future of your business.

Get your own dedicated virtual assistant who gets to know you and can grow with your service-based business.

Our VAs are committed to lifelong learning, ensuring their skills and expertise evolve and grow with your business.

We handle all aspects of employment, from contracts to time-off arrangements, so you can avoid HR headaches.

Empower communities in the Philippines by choosing a virtual assistant service that prioritises ethics and giving back.

You don’t have to do everything alone. We’re here to support you.

helloooo margarita!

At Outsourcing Crew, we understand that your business is more than just tasks and transactions. Our virtual assistants (your new sidekicks) are here to lift the admin burden, so you can rekindle your passion, focus on strategic growth, and yes, even enjoy some downtime.


STEP 01 Clarity Call — Explore Possibilities

Book a free Clarity Call with our founder Michelle to share your goals, challenges and start exploring possibilities.

STEP 02 Proposal & Interviews — Second Date

We’ll share a detailed proposal and introduce you to 2-3 Virtual Assistants. This is your opportunity to meet, assess compatibility, and choose your business sidekick.

STEP 03 Paperwork & Onboarding — Getting Serious

Once you’ve found your match, we'll discuss the nitty-gritty details like the frequency of our check-ins and the logistics of integrating your new sidekick into your business.

STEP 04 Kick Off & Begin — We’re Official

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for – our official start. We’re by your side, your administrative ride or die, fully committed to making this a fun & rewarding journey.

STEP 05 Seamless Support — Going Steady

With your VA by your side, tasks get checked off effortlessly, your productivity soars, and you rediscover the joy in your work. Time to celebrate the extra hours you’ve gained!

Let’s identify all those time-suckers ready for outsourcing

our try and see guarantee

Because your happiness is our top priority

If after the 30-day onboarding period, things aren’t quite flowing with your VA, just let us know. We're all about the right fit, so we'll happily swap in a new VA sidekick to save the day, at no extra cost to you.

“Once we lost our internal admin support, we felt a bit stranded. Outsourcing Crew stepped in with a swift and affordable solution. Now we have someone dedicated to handling our administration, invoicing, and marketing efforts which has completely streamlined our processes and boosted our efficiency. It’s been a game changer!”

– Anon

Ready to grow your business with a dedicated virtual ecommerce assistant?

Let’s get this party started! Book a free call with Michelle to find out more about how we can help.

Wanna learn how to start delegating like a boss?

Download our free Outsourcing Audit to identify what time-suckers are ready to be delegated, so you can do...well, anything else!

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