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creating ripples of goodness

Welcome to a place where impact isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a daily commitment. We’re building a future where every task done, enriches communities in the Philippines for generations to come.


Education unlocks a world of opportunity. Through our OC Scholarship program, we help disadvantaged kids in the Philippines complete their studies. We currently support 15 students (and growing!) through our scholarship program in the Philippines.

“Growing up poor in the Philippines has given me a unique perspective on the power of community support. The smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone going through tough times.”

– Michelle, Founder


Whether supporting local schools or extending a hand to families in need, we believe in the magic of kindness to spark big changes in the world.

Mother's Day giving

We wrapped Mother’s Day in a bow of love and care, delivering self-care packs to 50 single moms to help them feel their most fabulous.

for the love of paws

Our hearts don't just beat for people, they purr and wag too. We regularly donate to street dog and cat rescue groups, and plan to build a sanctuary near our office soon.

Christmas for the kids

We hand out over 150 festive gift packs to smiling kids in our community. One celebration ended up with the Jollibee fast-food mascot dance off! #GoodTimes

“Outsourcing Crew has been my rock as I switched from office life to freelancing.
Their support and belief in me turned my doubts into victories, helping me succeed in freelancing”

– MJ, Outsourcing Crew Virtual Assistant


In an industry with some shady trees, we’re all for ethical practice. Here’s what we’re doing to transform the offshore VA industry.

Merit-based recruitment

We prioritise English proficiency and an eagerness to learn ahead of degrees or physical attributes — a radical shift from typical Filipino industry norms.

Inclusive culture

We lead the way in creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. Here, being your true, sparkly, rainbow self isn't just accepted; it's celebrated.

Fair & reliable pay

In the Philippines, it's common to believe you must work a graveyard shift to earn decent money. We demolish this idea by offering our team fair wages for regular hours.

Growth opportunities

We’re committed to nurturing our team’s growth, offering tailored training opportunities that no other outsourcing agency can match.

Work-life brilliance

Our flexible approach means our team can juggle work, motherhood, family life, and personal passions. Forget work-life balance, we want work-life brilliance!

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