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Of all the incredible businesses we’ve partnered with, these are the questions we get asked most. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll add it to our FAQ page.

General Information

Level 1: Sidekicks

Our sidekicks excel at everyday administration tasks like inbox management, calendar management, online research, online customer service, social media engagement, social media graphics, AI-assisted content creation and marketing assistance.

Level 2: Saavy Sidekicks

Our savvy sidekicks can support you in everyday administration tasks, plus they have platform experience to offer specialist support across ecommerce (Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace), online courses (Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable), email marketing (Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign), websites (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix), and podcasting.

If it needs to be done more than once, it’s a job worth delegating. Here’s a few of the things we excel at:

  • Inbox management
  • Calendar management
  • Online research
  • Customer service
  • Social media engagement
  • Social media graphics
  • Content creation
  • Marketing assistance
  • Ecommerce admin
  • Website content updates
  • Online course admin
  • Podcast admin

We recruit based on merit, making sure that our VA’s have essential skills like English proficiency and an eagerness to learn. But we also choose those that align with our ethos of respect, service with sparkle, and a bit of fun! To set high quality standards for our clients, all of our VA’s go through The OC Academy to ensure they’re not only admin ready, but also able to provide excellent customer service to our clients.

While our VAs each bring a unique set of skills to the team, as an organisation, we focus on what we do best — that’s everyday administration and backend business support. So, we steer clear of specialised tasks like deep-dive tech support, bookkeeping, or advanced graphic design. But hey, for everything admin, we’ve got you covered!

Because we pride ourselves on offering consistent and reliable income to our virtual assistants, we don’t do project based work. Our smallest package is 15x hours a week. Need a hand figuring out what to handover and take off your to-do list? Book a call to explore possibilities.

Yes! You can get started with a VA part-time and grow from there. Our smallest package is 15 hours of support a week.

Ethical Outsourcing

Unethical practices include unpaid labour, minimum wages, limited support, and unhealthy work conditions. In an industry with some shady trees, we take ethical practices seriously. At Outsourcing Crew, our virtual assistants are among the best paid in the Philippines fostering a thriving work environment with ongoing opportunities for growth. We’re here to not only raise the bar for offshore work, but also create a ripple effect of opportunity and empowerment.

Our virtual assistants are based in the Philippines. Not only does the Philippines have some of the best virtual assistant’s in the world, our founder Michelle was born and bred in Manila, Philippines. Michelle is now based in Gold Coast, Australia and her unique bicultural understanding translates into more effective, nuanced support for your business, and for our VA team.

In the Philippines, there is a belief that you have to work night shifts to earn decent pay. We unsubscribe from this idea by offering fair wages, safe working conditions, and regular hours for our team. We have a beautiful office located in a small town called Lucban, Quezon where about half of our team are located near. The other half are located all around the Philippines. Our office is an inclusive, safe and vibrant space where any of our team members can work from. On top of this, we offer regular team lunches, free mentoring sessions with our founder, and ongoing training. Happy crew members lead to happy clients, and that’s what we’re all about!

Hiring Process

It’s easy! Book a free 20-30 minute call with our founder Michelle, tell us what you need. We’ll select two or three VA’s who are just right for you. You’ll have the opportunity to interview candidates before choosing your perfect fit. From there we’ll arrange the paperwork, start date and an onboarding plan for an easy transition into your world.

Absolutely! We believe in building strong, one-on-one relationships. When you join us, you’ll get a dedicated VA to support you and grow with you. 

Of course! We encourage a meet-and-greet to ensure you and your VA are a perfect match. It’s like a friendly coffee date (BYO coffee)! It’s about connecting you with someone who gets you and your business.

For the best chance of success, we ask for a 12-week minimum on all new bookings. This is where the most collaboration is required to help us gain true understanding of your business and build momentum.  After that, there’s no long term ties. You move onto a flexible arrangement because we get that life and business can be unpredictable.

It’s best to book an initial chat with us at 4-weeks before your ideal start date. This gives us enough time to source the perfect VA, arrange interviews, and complete any paperwork.

Pricing and Payment

Our pricing is as straightforward as our approach – no hidden fees, just clear, competitive rates. We offer two levels of administration support — Sidekick (our entry level VAs) and Savvy Sidekicks (our more experienced VAs). And two package types — Part Time (15 hours a week) and Full Time (40 hours a week). You get to choose what suits your budget and needs.

No sneaky surprises here! Our pricing is all-inclusive, covering everything your VA does for you from the start date.

Your hours should be used in the same month and can’t be rolled over. This is because we make a commitment to our VA’s to guarantee regular work. If you need a hand figuring out what other tasks can be delegated to your VA, download our free guide here or book a chat with us and we’ll be happy to help.

We understand your needs can change, so simply let us know as soon as you can and your VA can work extra hours for you. They’ll track their time and we’ll add an hourly fee to your next monthly invoice.

Billing is a breeze. Once your agreement is signed, we’ll set-up a recurring fortnightly payment. The first payment will be due seven days after you sign the contract. Then your payments will be on a direct debit every fortnight.

We accept all credit cards through Stripe or direct bank transfer to our Australian bank account.

Working with a Virtual Assistant

Email, chat, carrier pigeon – okay, maybe not the pigeon! But whether it’s Slack, Zoom, or good old email, we’ll communicate in whatever way works best for you. This will be discussed in your onboarding process.

One of the reasons we attract high quality talent from across the Philippines is because of the promise of flexibility. Many of our VAs are mothers or have other personal commitments. So while yes, you will have a say in the hours you’d prefer your VA to work, we encourage a level of flexibility for life and its competing demands.

While our VAs are based in the Philippines and observe local holidays, we make sure to plan ahead for any differences in holiday schedules. We’ll communicate in advance about availability during these periods to ensure your business needs are always met, no matter the calendar date.

Not vibing with your VA? No worries. Let us know, and we’ll switch things up. If for any reason, the VA is not a right fit to your requirements, we will provide you with replacement cover free of charge. We call it our ‘try and see guarantee’, because your happiness is our top priority.

Trust is everything. Our VAs are trained in confidentiality and data security when they join the Outsourcing Crew and we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) enforceable in Australia at the beginning of our partnership. We also share tips with clients at onboarding to help keep passwords and information secure.

technical and support

Our VAs are tech-savvy and quick-to-learn. They have access to common business tools like Google Drive, but will generally log in to any preferred software tools you use. See some of the most common tools we use with our service based clients here, and ecommerce clients here.

We aim to work around your schedule and hold meetings at your convenience. But it’s helpful to remember that the Philippines is 2-3 hours behind Australian time zones. This means your VA may be at the desk a little later than you, and continue working on things while you’re starting to wind down. We’ll discuss preferred hours as part of the onboarding process to help manage expectations.

The Philippines are highly prone to natural disasters including floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. When disasters happen, we jump into action. The safety of our team is the number one priority. For our clients, we will enact backup plans to keep things rolling smoothly with minimal disruption.

About Offshore Virtual Assistants

Hiring a VA from the Philippines brings so many benefits. Our Filipino VAs are known for their strong work ethic, proficiency in English, eagerness and adaptability. Plus they’ve each got big beautiful hearts meaning this job matters to them. As a client, you get a beautiful blend of skills & smarts at a very affordable price compared to hiring an Australian-based virtual assistant.

Our founder Michelle, is Filipino born and raised, but has worked and lived in Australia for XX years. Her deep knowledge of both cultures brings an unmatched level of understanding to the Outsourcing Crew. On top of this, our VAs are fluent in English and complete a comprehensive training program that not only covers essential technical skills, but also valuable client communication and management skills. We encourage regular check-ins and feedback sessions to ensure smooth communication and mutual understanding.

Quality service and support is a top priority at Outsourcing Crew. We have robust training programs, regular performance reviews, and a highly supportive and hands-on founder (born & raised in the Philippines, now based in Australia) to ensure our VAs meet and exceed your expectations.

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