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Ethical Outsourcing

We love seeing our clients thrive, but that’s just one part of our story. Our responsible outsourcing practices don’t just elevate your business—they uplift entire communities in the Philippines.

work well, do good—that’s us

Imagine a world where everyone has the power to pursue their dreams, regardless of circumstance. That’s our vision. By creating job opportunities in underserved areas in the philippines, we keep families and communities together while creating ripples of goodness for generations to come.

a note from our founder

I come from humble beginnings in the philippines. My parents moved mountains to get me to university, a decision that transformed my life. That’s why education is why giving back isn’t just a small part of our business, it’s the heart of everything we do.

At Outsourcing Crew, we provide training and opportunities for Filipino women to build flexible and fulfilling careers as virtual assistants. We also offer scholarships to children facing financial hardship so they can complete their education. For these kids, education can open up a world of possibilities, a world they deserve to explore.

By partnering with us means you become part of this journey. Creating waves of opportunity — or as we like to call them, ripples of goodness is rewarding (on so many levels), and I invite you to be a part of it.

– Michelle Abitria

what gets us out of bed in the morning

— well these, and coffee

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the heart of the hustle

We’re not just coworkers, we’re kin. Meet some of our fabulous crew.


J is a compassionate VA with a knack for creative problem solving. She’s a 'Big Bang Theory' buff, burger enthusiast, and loves playing badminton with her family.

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Lilibeth is a VA and go-to shoulder to lean in the office. Off-duty, she loves getting lost in a good book, sweaty gym sessions, and singing full-volume in the shower.



Earla is a former account manager turned VA who adores singing, cooking and carving out weekly ‘me time’. She dreams of seeing the beauty of Switzerland one day.

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Ella is a former teacher turned VA, who gets a kick out of completing tasks before they’re due. She loves reading, devouring matcha treats, and starting her day with gratitude.


Roa is a former technical service rep turned VA who brings happiness to the workplace. She loves reading, exploring nearby towns with friends and filling up on fried chicken.



Mitos is a former SaaS team lead turned VA with a drive to make a difference in people’s lives. She adores journaling, meditation, celebrating others, and a good burrito.

Join a team leading the ethical outsourcing impact in the Philippines

We pick our team based on talent, not traditional checkboxes. If you can speak English, love to learn, and know how to rock a virtual dance-off, we’d love to hear from you. 

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