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Your go-to-crew for reliable and trusted business support

At Outsourcing Crew, our virtual assistants whisk away your soul-sucking admin tasks, giving you more time to execute ideas, expand your business, and do more of the things you love.


Don’t fit into one of the boxes above? No problem!

Whether your business blends both worlds or offers something completely unique, we’d love to see how we can support you.

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Not sure what to delegate? If it’s repetitive, tedious, or sucks the life right out of you, it’s a task worth delegating. Here’s some of the things our Philippines-based virtual assistants love to do—so you don’t have to!

Inbox management

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calendar management

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Online research

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Customer service

Social media marketing and engagement

design and graphics

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Virtual Assistant Philippines - Outsourcing Crew A person stands behind a white couch, wearing a pink outfit. They are in front of a wall with a circular decorative artwork and two sculptures with wheat arranged in vases.

Marketing assistance

Ecommerce admin

Online course admin

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website updates

Virtual Assistant Philippines - Outsourcing Crew Two women sitting on a couch with a laptop, smiling at the camera. One wears a pink blazer and the other a striped pink shirt. They are in a modern living room with plants and decorative artwork.

Podcast admin

Virtual Assistant Philippines - Outsourcing Crew Four people are seated at a table, smiling and posing for a selfie. One person is holding a smartphone to take the photo.


growing a kick-ass business?

check ✓

brimming with ideas?

double check ✓

drowning in admin tasks?

also check ✓

let's uncheck this one for you

You have big ideas and visions for what business could be, but they remain just that — ideas —

Because the hours you need to bring them to life are consumed by an endless cycle of admin

If tedious tasks are sapping your time, creativity, and enthusiasm — it’s time to delegate!

that's where we fit in


We make hiring talented virtual assistants from the Philippines easy. Our team handles your tasks with heart, dedication, and a dash of sass, freeing you up to focus on what matters most — building a fulfilling business (while having a life!).

What our clients are saying

“Outsourcing Crew has allowed me to step into the next level of my business. I was finally able to let go of tasks I’d clung to for years, and shift my attention towards big picture projects.”

- Kath, fitnestmama .com

“Outsourcing Crew was the answer to all my admin problems. I didn’t even need to look at other virtual assistant options – their process was excellent, and the candidates were fabulous.”

- Suzanne, suzannebutler

“We were swamped, but Outsourcing Crew transformed our workflow. The onboarding process was personable and supportive. We’re now able to get more done without having to expand our in-house team.”

- Karina,


At Outsourcing Crew, we’re not just about delivering high quality virtual assistance — we’re about transforming lives. Our work goes beyond the day-to-day tasks to empower communities and elevate the standards for Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

MEET YOUR go-to virtual assistants

Who says mundane tasks can’t be fun? Forget bland and boring — that’s not our style. Our team excels at mixing top-notch administrative support with a dash of sass. Our goal? To lighten your workload and lift your spirits. Because we believe business should be fun.

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